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Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Abyssinia Giftz!

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of and the purchase of any goods from it. If you have any problems using the website, please email us at,

Abyssinia Giftz would like you to provide the recipient's correct address when making a gift order. You will pick a delivery date and we will deliver your gift on the indicated date where 24 hours delivery time is the minimum time frame. Your order delivery is completely free regardless of how many gifts you order. As soon as we deliver your order, we will inform you through the email you provided. The confirmation email usually includes the recipient’s picture while accepting their gift unless the recipient is not willing to have their pictures taken.   

Freshly baked cakes are available only after 10.30AM from bakeries. Thus delivery can only occur after that time. We only deliver fresh cakes baked on the same day.

We cannot guarantee time of delivery if the recipient's contact information you provided is incorrect or if the recipient changed their address. We will contact you back for an alternative recipient address when this happens while we hold your order in place. Delivery cost may apply when we are required to deliver your order for the second time due to incorrect information provided by you.

Orders received after Midnight will be processed as next day orders BUT we shall try our best to deliver on same day.

Due to availability, flower arrangements may vary. However we do our best to give the best arrangement which satisfies your gift need. We reserve the right to change the items or model however always ensuring full or higher value to our customers.  

If ordered flowers, cake or other gift items are not available, we shall deliver available best quality flowers, cake or other similar gift items of equal value. We always ensure that full or higher value to our customers in all such cases.

We will refund your money if;

  • You cancel your order within 24hrs
  • the recipient changed their address and you do not know their new contact details

We will NOT make a refund if;

  • The recipient refuses to accept the gift due to personal reasons
  • You changed your mind after 24hours of a gift order
  • The recipient did not like your gift  


Returning a gift:

  • We are happy to exchange unwanted, faulty or defective products that have been sent as a gift.
  • We are unable to accept returns of perishable goods such as cakes and opened chocolate packs or any other foods delivered as a gift
  • If a refund is required however, please note that refunds can only be given to the original purchaser.

Complaints Procedure

  • Abyssinia Giftz takes its relationships with customers very seriously, and we pay a great deal of effort to ensure that we keep you happy. If you have any concerns or complaints, throw us an email  and we reply within 24 hours of receipt. If you would like immediate response, we encourage you to contact us in whichever way is convenient for you. Our Customer Support team are always glad to help.
  • All your feedback (good or bad) is appreciated!



Abyssinia Giftz is committed to your privacy and we have agreed to disclose our information practices. We only use your information to process your orders. We agree to notify you of:

  1. What personal information is collected from you through the website.
  2. How the information is used.
  3. What choices are available to you regarding collection, use and distribution of the information.
  4. The kind of security procedures that are in place to protect your privacy
  5. How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information

We will not give, sell, or rent your personal information or specific account activity to anyone for any reason except as required by law. We guarantee that every online transaction you make at our sites will be 100% safe. This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your card as a result of shopping at our online store.

We use the most secure payment method, PayPal, to process all our credit card and debit card transactions.To pay via PayPal simply click on the PayPal button and you will be re-directed to their own secure payments page and then returned to our website to complete the delivery details. You do not need a PayPal account to use this method. We do NOT store your credit card information with us, except in the event when you were not able to use the PayPal credit card processing feature directly.

The Company's Rights  

Abyssinia Giftz reserves the right to refuse delivery of any order unconditionally. However, in all such cases we will refund the amount paid by customer in full.

The Company may terminate your access, or suspend your access to all or part of the Web Site, without notice, for any conduct that the Company believes is a violation or breach of these Terms of Use, is in violation of any applicable law or is harmful to the interests of another user, customer, recipient, third-party Provider, service provider or the Company.

We reserve the right to modify the User Agreement without any prior notification to its customers. However, We will inform you about the changes on our website.

You are not permitted to use the site illegally, that is in advance using illegally to other computer systems. Passing on electronic copies of material confined by copyrights without the permission of the owner. Interfering or disrupting networks or web sites connected to the Site. Disobeying any law which is not in favor of the company.


Abyssinia Giftz respects the rights of all copyright holders and it has a policy that terminates the user privileges and membership in appropriate circumstances of users who infringe the rights of copyright holders. We also possess a copyright towards our own graphics, logo and trademarks.